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"Exciting New Flash Tattoo Designs: Unveiling the Latest Trends in Body Art!"

Created some fun designs that work well with celebrating spring and are a great way to celebrate my opening!!

I have these designs posted on my bookings page, allowing you to book the appointment when purchasing your design. On each scheduling page you will be able to go to the "view more option" and see a variety of the images. With ones where there are multiple designs, such as the zodiac/ birth flower designs, just let me know which one you'd like to do.

All these designs are at a discounted rate. I have time blocked off, which will be a general booking based on how much time I think I will need. I am not so much concerned with the time though. These are designs I would love to do.

Everything will be up and available starting today, with a push for the opening on April 1st.

Thank you as always for your support!!


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