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Pricing updates, scheduling updates, and overall information for the New Year.

Hope everyone is settling into the New Year nicely. I know for me the last 3 months of the year get hard for me to keep up with mentally. Once the holidays kick in and spending time with family kicks into overdrive I feel like keeping myself balanced can be difficult. So once January arrives it is almost like a cool breath of fresh air. End of last year- 12/29 exactly- I turned 50! So that has left me really honing in on what my focus needs to be these next years to get me in alignment with what I will be doing or transitioning to once I am able to retire. Another level up is my official 20 year anniversary in tattooing (professionally) with these two grand steps ups in life I realize the time is now to be sure I am able to implement the changes I need to be able to continue doing what I do.

I love tattooing. I love being able to design pieces for my clients that are personal and that they love. I love the healing aspect of tattooing. Being able to tattoo areola and nipples for those who need them. Whether it is due to top surgery, breast cancer, or other procedures. I love covering scars - giving people a new outlook on life as they look down and see something beautiful instead of their scars. It has been my passion for a long time, but one thing is for certain- I can not continue pushing myself so hard. I continue to work myself as of I am 25, but my eyes, shoulders, and back are reminding me that this is not the case. I do this mainly because I want to be able to get everyone in to get tattooed. I do not like turning away small tattoos, or people who have spent their time finding me and want to be tattooed by me. I typically have between a 2 and 4 month waitlist for tattoos. I pack my day and work basically 9-5 shifts 5 days a week. I do this to keep my waitlist from going too long, but I realize that is not actually serving me very well.

Right now I separate everything into hourly slots. It will become a 2, 4 and 6 hr session. Simplifying my end of the process, and although it will make it so I do not have an hour and a half or hour tattoo session- in the end I feel the time will allow for better planned breaks- so I can rest my eyes, stretch properly, eat lunch, ect- and in the long run- although the pricing will all change I feel like I can give you more for your money. Which I am always a fan of- and I know you are. I am currently doing $180 an hour, with$150 an hour flash designs and $150 an hour for service workers, nurses, ect. I will keep you posted on that. Please know this isn't saying that you can't get a small tattoo- you just may have to book with a friend or get more than one to make it more worth your money.

I will send out a mass email on this once it is implemented. I will be sure to include my pricing structure, discounts for my loyalty members, military, and nurses, ect. I am already scheduling February and anyone scheduled before I switch everything will be under the same pricing, ect as they scheduled under.

Thank you for your patience and support as I begin to navigate this change. Life and business is not linear. It is meant to adapt and adjust when necessary. Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!! Have a wonderful day💜

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