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I have opened my own studio!!!!

This is just the beginning of goals that I have been working on in the background of life, between working, taking classes, and managing my household. I began this journey knowing that as a tattoo artist I will need to find a more viable option than working for a shop to catch up with my lack of retirement and medical expenses to be expected as I am not getting any younger. The option of a private studio works great with my clients in seek of a more personal service and that are uncomfortable in the shop environment. This will allow me to do these services more discreetly and curated for my clients. Located conveniently on the east side of Tucson, close to the Park Place mall you will find that this tight knit artist community has a lot to offer as well.

It has been an awesome 11 years at The Painted Lady tattoo and there I have been able to grow into the artist I am today. Of course I will miss everyone at the shop and I have been able to work with some of the top artist in the industry. I will always be honored to have been given the opportunity to be there and move forward with the utmost resect for my fellow artists, the shop owner, and our wonderful front desk ladies.

As I move into my space it will be as seamless as possible. I will be sending out a mass email, updating my info on the site, and contacting you all before your appointment if you will be meeting me at my new location. If you have taken an Inner Child Workshop class with me you will be familiar with the space already.

If you have any questions emailing me is always the easiest, but you can always text me at 520-340-6663.

My last day at The Painted Lady will be Saturday 2/17/24. I will start in my studio on 2/19/24. My shop name is Healing Art Tattoo, to embrace the healing aspect tattooing has to offer. I am excited to share my new space with you!!!!

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