What is Paramedical Areola Tattooing? 

*Paramedical areola tattooing is a procedure done to recreate the appearance of a nipple and areola after breast cancer surgery. It creates the illusion of a nipple if one isn't placed in surgically, but creates a natural look to the breast adding an areola. The procedure is done after you have healed completely. You are looking at 6 months minimum for the scar tissue to be ready. A consultation is always set up prior to the first appointment to assess the area to be tattooed, go over the procedure and healing, and prepare you for the next step. There is generally a follow up procedure to perfect the over all look after the tattoo has healed. 

*Areola tattooing can also be used after breast implants or reduction surgery to help conceal any scarring. 

* This can be used to help with shape and color adjustments as well. 

Why Did I decide to Learn This?

As an artist my ability to draw and recreate images has been used in my artwork and tattoos. I am pretty confident in my ability to  apply this skill to someone who needs it. As many of us, I have known women in my life that have underwent a mastectomy. This procedure is traumatic and can be disfiguring. The statistics for breast cancer in women is 1 in 8. For men who can get the disease as well it is 1 in 833. Either way it is a way I can use my abilities and my profession to help recreate the last bit of normalcy in a person's life. I can do beautiful pictures for scar coverup as well. Below are some examples of my work. 

Sheryl Lake_TLC_Areola_Certificate.jpg
areola tattoos1
Water color tattoo on breast
flower breast tattoo
areola tattoo
hummingbird breast tattoo
breast tattoo