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New updates and changes!!!

Since my move I have decided to revamp some things(again) Here is what you need to know:

Payment updates, paramedical pricing changes, hours and days for scheduling changing....

Hi everyone! I am now beginning my second week at my studio, Healing Art Tattoo. This is going to give me some flexibility in adjusting and streamlining my work flow. I am always working to do things in a way that will benefit my clients and myself. So here we go!

First up to bat will be my schedule. Once all my current Monday appointments filter out I will be taking Sundays and Mondays off rather than my split days off of Sundays and Tuesdays. I haven't had two days off together for awhile and look forward to being able to enjoy having two days.

Second change is for my paramedical areola pricing. Right now I am dropping my price to cover both areolas for the $300 charge and one for $150. This is a service I am happy to lower so that all women can take advantage of it. I know there are times when insurance companies will cover it but I have found that in AZ everything like that becomes more complicated. Rather than making things more difficult for women and those who have had top surgery, I'd rather lower this price right now- well, because I can. My current overhead allows for this flexibility and with the privacy I now have it is a much more suitable environment for this.

Last thing I want to address here is payment methods. I am set up to take all forms of payment- well no checks, because who uses checks? But credit, debit, PayPal ,Affirm, cash and Zelle. I would love if you are able to do cash and Zelle since there are no fees on these, but I also want you to be able to get your tattoo. I may have to do a service fee in the future, but I don't want to jump right to it. I want to see how everything plays out. I also accept payments which you can set up through PayPal credit or Affirm. Yes..... I just said I can do payment plans through these services!! This can make getting that larger tattoo so much easier. Basically if this is an option you'd like to use I will send you an invoice for the amount due and there it will allow you to choose which one you'd like to use. It will direct you to their site and once approved you set up your payment plan and you are good to go! I have used both of these services and have found that they are pretty awesome. You can even choose an interest free payment plan, so win win.

Last -last thing. I will be posting a review contest very soon. It takes 20 reviews to even get your page on the algorithm of google, and I have had so many of you leave such wonderful reviews for me at The Painted Lady. I would just like to have them over in my studio now. Keep your eye out. I will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place prize for a raffle and different ways to enter.

Have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you soon!!

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Alana J Mozar
Alana J Mozar
Feb 28

This is awesome! Congratulations and wishing you great success💖

Sheryl Lake
Sheryl Lake
Feb 28
Replying to

Thank you!!💜

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