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A primarily Buddhist symbol, this design has been adopted by many to represent their own personal journey. It is a representation of your personal path to enlightenment and can be a great symbol for you to remember that your path will have its ups and downs.


  • This design will be best at 6” long at its longest but can be done much smaller. The deposit will be taken off the total charge of your tattoo. Price will vary due to size and placement. Deposits can be transferred but not refunded. Be sure to indicate which design you want(1,2,or3)when making your appointment.

  • This is a deposit to secure a flash tattoo design. If you are unable to get the tattoo or change your mind I can move the deposit to another appointment, to merch, or a gift card to be used for a friend or relative of your choice. The flash design will then be placed up on the site again. 

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