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Based off the Bride of Frankenstein I created this stylized watercolor design. Was having fun playing with some shapes in her face. I love this plum color, but you could do any color you’d like or even just black and gray. I feel like this would be best represented if it were at least 5”

The Bride

  • The amount paid is a deposit towards the tattoo, to be scheduled after you purchase you design. The final cost will be determined by the size and placement you want for the design. Price is based off of $150 an hour. Deposits can be transferred but not refunded.

  • This is a deposit to secure a flash tattoo design. If you are unable to get the tattoo or change your mind I can move the deposit to another appointment, to merch, or a gift card to be used for a friend or relative of your choice. The flash design will then be placed up on the site again. 

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