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After booking your appoinment you can pay your deposit quickly and easily with PayPal or credit/debit card. Deposits are required to set up your appoinment. The deposit is applied to the blance of your tattoo after it is complete. There are no refunds on deposits. If you need to reschedule your appoinment you can do so and maintain your deposit by reaching me either by email or phone at least a day in advance. This is a courtesy extended to you only once. If there are mutiple cancellations you will be required to pay a another deposit. 

Tattoo Deposit

  • Tattoo deposits are just as it says a deposit. When receiving confirmation of your purchace you will receive a shipping info section. Please dismiss this, it is how this area is set up but there will be nothing to ship. You will receive a notification verifying your purchace of the deposit and it will be applied to your specific appoinment time. Thank you. Sheryl

  • This is a deposit to secure your tattoo appointment. If you are unable to get the tattoo or change your mind I can move the deposit to another appointment, to merch, or a gift card to be used for a friend or relative of your choice. The flash design will then be placed up on the site again. 

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