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This design can be done as small as 4”x4” and can be done larger. I will be allowing 3 people to purchase this design, as it is a classic concept and I would like to share the love❤️Great in an area such as calf, forearm, bicep, thigh, shoulder, ect. Deposits hold the design for you to get tattooed. The price will vary on the size you decide to choose.

Made for Each Other

  • The deposit you pay will go towards the price of your tattoo and will reserve this design for you. Although deposits will not be refunded they can be transferred to another person or rolled over to another service.

  • This is a deposit to secure a flash tattoo design. If you are unable to get the tattoo or change your mind I can move the deposit to another appointment, to merch, or a gift card to be used for a friend or relative of your choice. The flash design will then be placed up on the site again. 

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