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Watercolor Tattoos

A few years back I began my journey into watercolor. I enjoy it emensly and also enjoy to do watercolor tattoos. I typically do mock ups of a lot of my tattoos in watercolor now, but if I am specifically doing a watercolor tattoo I really enjoy doing a painting first. I do this for both watercolor and non watercolor tattoos so I can identify color placement and design. It’s typically a bit quicker for me and I feel that when a client comes in for their tattoo I am mentally prepared for how I am going to approach their design. I like that it becomes more personalized and I think when someone comes in with an idea it shows I have taken the time to think it through. Not all tattoos require such prep work. Realistic tattoos are more photo reference based, and some tattoos are basic design based. Either way I always do my best to create something my client will enjoy.

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