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Tattooing as a Creative Profession...

As a tattoo artist for the past 15 years, I always have clients ask me the same general questions. One of those questions pertains to the art aspect of tattooing. Yes, I have been an artist my whole life. I have always enjoyed painting, drawing, sculpting, carving, and even cooking. If it uses creativity I have done it. Now when I was younger, unlike today, being a tattoo artist as a woman was still against the norm. The stereotype of the tattoo artist was still the big burly bearded man in some sketchy back room somewhere. This has changed on many levels now. And with these changes a lot of positive change towards the creative aspect. Instead of walking into a tattoo shop and picking from books of tattoo flash. There is a lot more flexibility in design and people want more unique designs. We have learned through the years how to manipulate the craft to recreate our own creative styles in the skin. As a creative person, I am able to design beautiful works of art for people to wear permanently and when I have spare time I am given the opportunity to create what I want, whether it be a painting, a drawing, or even a sculpture. I am given a more flexible schedule that allows more freedom as well. It’s a career now that the younger generation of creatives can persue.

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