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Paramedical Areola Tattooing - for top surgery patients,

Top surgery is a procedure that removes the breast tissue and creates a more masculine chest. For many transgender people , top surgery is a life changing procedure that can help them feel more comfortable in their bodies. One of the things that can affect a person's satisfaction with their top surgery is the appearance of the areola. In some cases the areola may be uneven or discolored, and in others cases there may not be an areola or nipple at all. The procedure helps to either adjust the shape and hide any scars but can also create the appearance of a nipple and areola for those that do not have one.

The procedure is typically done by a professional that has been trained to create a realistic looking nipple and areola. They are trained in matching the tones of your skin as well. The healing process is similar to that of a traditional tattoo, and is not extreme at all. It is best to make sure when you are planning on getting this procedure done that you keep in mind things like avoiding swimming and soaking in water and prolonged exposure to the sun for the first 30 days. Although this procedure will typically have a follow up within 3 weeks of your first appointment just to make sure the color tones healed well and that everything is perfect. So if you are wanting this done by summer, getting it done by late spring would be your best goal.

As with any procedure or tattoo a free consultation to go over all the details related to your personal situation will help answer any questions and give you a step in the direction towards your goals.

Feel free to schedule a consultation through the link below.

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