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New Shirt!!!!

My partner and I have been working together recently to create some awesome designs that we can do in house. Over this past year we have been creating designs and trying out different vinyl companies to find one that seems to last. I am happy we did too- as there were some companies that just were not up to par. After wearing, washing and wearing our shirts we have found a vinyl company that is top notch. I have found that it handles normal wear and tear pretty well. I feel like just to preserve the life of the image washing and drying inside out will help as well. We are still looking for a good shirt supplier so for now we just buy shirts as we are out at different stores. I like the idea of reusing shirts from GoodWill or other second hand venues, but this is still something I am working on as it is harder than I had anticipated to find shirts made mostly of cotton- which is is what we need for a successful transfer. I want to do this as an option for those who are concerned about the loads of clothing that ends up in landfills every day. I hope to figure something like this out for the future- and if you know of anyone else trying to do this that may have resources feel free to share in the comments.

This is exciting because it is a new phase. I am bringing you all in right now so you can be a part of this as it grows. For now I will keep the shirts so that I make them as you order them ( don't worry, I have the help of my partner in this) We are a great team and have collaborated for a long time!

For a limited time, and since this is the beginning of something amazing, I am offering these at $10 off. I can ship as well, so you do not have to be located here in Tucson to get one!

Merch is a way to support your artist, even if you are unable to get a tattoo from them at the time. With the holidays coming keep your artist in mind when looking for gifts. I try to have cool things available in my shop for everyone. Thank you, as always, for your support!!! When you support me, you support those who I support, my partner, my kids, my grandkids, and even my fur babies!!!

Size featured here is a women's Large with swoop neck. When ordering specify men or women's sizes.

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