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Happy New Year

I wanted to start this New Year with new focused intention. As I learn and grow as a person I find the draw to help others in a more positive way more and more. I recently- October 2020- became certified in paramedical areola tattooing. When I decided to become certified I was tattooing a woman that was a breast cancer survivor and shared to me her story of what she went through during her process. She recently had an areola/ nipple tattoo and showed me the work she had done. I realized at that time that I could use my experience and expertise to help women, like her, get a complete do over in their life. It may seem like a small gesture but the completeness this simple procedure gives women is unbelievable. I immediately enrolled in the course and was certified by the end of the following month. I have discovered as I have begun tattooing areolas that I am able to help a wide range of people with this simple process. It helps with scar cover after cosmetic surgery, it helps some women change the color and shape of their existing areolas boosting confidence and self love, and it has helped with those who have other procedures that may have created scars or distortion. I can draw and tattoo beautiful designs to cover scars as well, but some people only want to feel whole again and I am happy to be able to do this. I am hoping to use this year to grow more as a person and help more and more people take a new step in their lives that is positive and healing.

Below is my new trademark design for the New Year!

copyright 2022

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