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Classes Starting Soon...

I have always been interested in art and the healing aspects of it. Recently I began my journey into art therapy. I still have a ways to go in my personal learning journey, but with my combined experience in art, my own personal journey into healing and expanding my consciousness, and my education as a therapeutic life coach, I want to begin opening my studio for small classes and some one on one classes in the future. The classes will be for those who would like to engage their creative spirit while learning ways to create a more positively directed life. This will be a new adventure for me but I am truly excited about what we can accomplish through these classes. The projects that we will be doing will be designed for engagement and learning through fun projects and discussions. This is merely the first step, looking to have many more classes scheduled in the future!!

I am certified as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach but I am not a therapist. Please do not use these resources in place of therapy when therapy is needed.

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